Maybe you’ve heard of Trey Grayson and maybe you haven’t.  If you have heard of him you are likely to either be related to him or have dealt with him in an official capacity as the Secretary of State for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  In this election Trey Grayson prefers to be unseen and unheard.  In contrast, Dr. Rand Paul has been on a whirlwind tour of Kentucky as he introduces himself to regular Kentucky voters.  It must be working, despite never having held elected office and not having state-wide name recognition he is closing the gap with the “favorite” in the primary and neck-and-neck with Mongiardo or Conway in the general.

For example, compare the two campaign websites.  RandPaul2010 is brimming with more information than the average joe would expect.  Rand provides an explanation for just about any position that a candidate can take.  It would take hours to truly research Dr. Rand Paul on the issues  and to watch his many speeches and interviews.  Trey “Invisible” Grayson on the other hand can’t bother to put a single issue up on his site and finding him at something other than a lobbyist fundraiser is a tough nut to crack. Even satirical Trey Grayson sites provide more information (though a bit toungue-in-cheek) than the current Kentucky Secretary of State’s page. Maybe his focus groups and handlers haven’t figured out what he believes yet. I’m not sure.

One thing I am sure of is that Dr. Rand Paul knows what he believes and is taking that message to the everyday people of Kentucky.  Maybe he will make a stop near you soon…


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  1. Did you see that one video of Trey using his supporters to hide his face with his signs?

    That was bizarre.


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