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JUST ANOTHER ($236,241.13) DAY…

Thank you for everyone who donated to Dr. Rand Paul.


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This post over at Red State is a bit lengthy but contains many gems:

He only became a Republican during graduate school after supporting the big government Clinton and, conveniently, after the 1994 Republican Revolution. Rand Paul of course set up the anti-tax “Taxpayers United” at the time and was voting in Republican primaries.

Most troubling: “Grayson went on to attend Harvard, majoring in government and becoming involved almost immediately in Harvard’s prestigious Institute of Politics. There, Grayson developed his conviction that government’s role should be to help solve society’s problems and that it often takes stepping across party lines to do it.” Emphasis mine.

What kind of conservative proclaims “his conviction it’s government’s role to solve society’s problems and that it often takes stepping across party lines to do it”???

More evidence of his liberalism is the undisputed fact that he recently keynoted a Global Warming Presentation. The presentation by definition assumed that Global Warming is happening and that humans could do something about reversing it i.e. “how Kentucky can respond to the challenge of global warming and climate change.” Wherever you stand on the debate there’s no question such a presentation was geared toward intervention of some form by the government. The hosts of the event were campus environmental activists and the event itself was part of a national effort coordinated by the hard left advocacy group Focus the Nation.

There is a world of difference between Rand Paul and Trey Grayson. Dr. Paul has built his private medical practice and pays taxes. Grayson’s weaved a political career that is based on consuming Dr. Paul’s and other’s taxes. Grayson will be another Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul will be a Jim DeMint. Rand Paul will bring in an army of activists to overturn the special interests while Grayson/McConnell will only further entrench them.

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