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Owensboro River”PORK”

Who would have thunk it!  A local government project that was sold as a good “investment” into the future of downtown development can not pay the bills.  The Owensboro Riverpark is seeking a local government bailout.  The best part is this gem from WFIE…

Riverpark board member David Scott says becoming financially stable is a must in order to continue it’s vital role in downtown development.

Maybe it would have been better to leave the businesses there that had been forcibly removed in the early 1990’s. If a business can’t pay the bills then they go out of business. Not the Riverpark. My guess is that the Riverpork will get their dirty money.  All the while the politicians will lecture the public on the need for this boondoggle and in the same breath tout their “leadership” in this crisis.

Just the same old game…


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