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Over at Rand Paul’s Website we see this story:

Christian leaders are rising up against the health care plan proposed by Senator Harry Reid, claiming it “is actually the worst bill we’ve seen so far on the life issues.” The bill would allow federal funding for abortions and make no distinction between health care and killing – a common thread we’ve seen in health care proposals of late.

A vote on the legislation is likely to come as early as Saturday night, where 60 votes will be needed to pass this gargantuan government takeover of the health industry.

In addition to his dedication to free market health solutions, Dr. Paul believes life begins at conception, and will always vote against federal funding of abortion.


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We all know that abortion can be a divisive issue. What does Dr. Rand Paul believe? Like his father he believes strongly that life begins at conception. However, unlike other “pro-life” politicians Dr. Rand Paul has a plan for saving lives sooner rather than later.

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I know from firsthand experience how hard it can be to work in this economy. A place I was working for lost some business accounts, as a result of their clients cutting back, and myself and another employee were let go.

Unemployment…it sucks but it happens.

I had to pick up and move on. Before I became unemployed, we decided as a family that I would pick up more work through a part-time evening job. We were already feeling the pinch as everything seemed to be getting more expensive. Whether it was gas or groceries, our dollars seemed to buy less that just a few years ago. In a sick twist of irony, the day before I was to start my part-time job I was let go at my full-time job.

I had to face the fact that I now had a part-time job that provided one-fifth of my previous income. I didn’t let it deter me and turned getting quality full-time employment into an every day job. I was only unemployed for 12 days.

For the past 2 months I have been working a minimum of 60 hours a week to make ends meet. I will do what I have to do to make it and I believe that this Kentuckian is a lot like other hard working Kentuckians.

I have looked at the candidates and what they believe or do not believe (if you are lucky enough to nail them down). I have even met Dr. Dan Mongiardo. Some candidates like Secretary Grayson are popular with the establishment. Some candidates like Conway can raise lots of money even if they can’t remember what state the fundraiser is in.

There is only one candidate that is not a politician and is running for Senate out of a true love of Kentucky and the United States. This candidate is honest, moral, free of lobbyist money and says what he means and means what he says. That candidate is Dr. Rand Paul.


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Here is an article about how the Rand Paul campaign has turned the dirty tricks of the Grayson campaing into positive coverage. Bluegrass Bulletin writes…

Rand Paul’s campaign is phenomenal. No matter what Trey Grayson does Paul’s folks have an uncanny knack for seizing the moment for themselves.

Last week WYMT reported in advance of Monday’s airing, that Grayson claimed during an interview that Paul was “not a Kentuckian”. In a matter of minutes it seemed the Internet and mainstream news sources, were buzzing with Paul’s response that he has been a Kentuckian far longer than Grayson has been a republican.

Then Paul added fuel to the fire by his good natured call for Grayson to send him a check, either a government one or a personal one, as a refund of all the Kentucky taxes Paul had been paying over the years some of which had been paying Grayson’s salary. The banter was lighthearted but it was Paul who got the attention and more favorably than Grayson from the affair.

Today a Youtube video surfaced in which a stone faced young man (allegedly a Grayson employee) is seen video taping Rand Paul cooking at a charity event. Chris Hightower, employed by Rand Paul, tries to get the young man to speak and with a good deal of humor answers for him every time “no comment”. The Grayson person is supposed to be a “tracker”, someone who follows a candidate around to capture footage for use later in attack commercials.

So how did Paul come out of this one? With a bunch of favorable, lighthearted press again making Grayson look like the dark force lurking around looking for a chance to pounce and Paul like the more open and charitable of the two.

Whether it is by luck or not, the Paul campaign seems to have a golden touch so far. No matter what is thrown


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It would almost seem that Trey Grayson has become a supporter of Dr. Rand Paul. While Dr. Paul has been touring the state talking with voters about a variety of issues (and discussing them in depth), Secretary Grayson has been strangely silent. Until now, Secretary Grayson’s website now has issues on it!!! He has used this chance to show the voters what differences there are between him and Dr. Paul. He has climbed the mountain and boldly declared to the world, “I believe nearly everything Dr. Paul dooooeeesss!!!!” ??????? Campaign manager for the Rand Paul campaign writes:

U.S. Senate opponent Trey Grayson has tried to make this campaign a popularity contest for six months, not taking positions on serious issues. Rand Paul has run circles around him promoting balanced budgets, free market health reform, stronger national defense, and auditing the Federal Reserve while Grayson grumbled at Rand for daring to criticize the Bailout Senators funding Trey’s campaign.

So it was funny on Tuesday to see Grayson change strategies and start talking on his web site about — you guessed it — promoting balanced budgets, free market health reform, stronger national defense, and auditing the Federal Reserve. He’s against Republicans voting for bailouts, now, too. Where’s your party loyalty, man?

Glad to see Trey coming around to where Rand has been all along. For Rand, though, holding to Constitutional principles isn’t just something you do to position yourself in a Republican primary. Rand really means it.

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This anaylsis is courtesy of David at the Lumbering Along Blog. David writes:

Grayson talks about his “good barbecue dinners” and his soccer practices. He decries the Democrat attempts with such invective as “Unbelievable: Pelosi and House Dems are pushing bills to increase FY 2010 domestic discretionary spending by over 12%.,” yet he never says without compromise whether or not he will not vote for any spending increases no matter how small if we honor him with election.

I have had a chance to visit with Dr. Paul. I have heard him speak with passion and conviction on the Constitution. Dr. Paul has convinced me he will operate within the constraints of the sacred document.

I haven’t heard Mr. Johnson make any presentations yet.

I heard Secretary Grayson speak in Lexington. He was not particularly interesting. He talked about himself and his service as Secretary of State of Kentucky. He is the chief election officer of the Commonwealth. The office is one of a clerk. It depends on career civil servants for its successful operation. If I am wrong, please correct me.


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I can’s say much about this except that it is BRILLIANT! Courtesy of the The Custard Pie…

It appears that the Kentucky establishment is getting nervous …

As widely reported, Kentucky Republican US Senate candidate, Rand Paul raised and astounding amount of money within the recent third quarter of just over one million dollars … over $368,000.00 more in Q3 than his rivals.

This development has sent several media outlets into full spin mode as Joseph Gerth of the Louisville Courier Journal wrote this week:

“Paul’s primary opponent, Trey Grayson, is making a big deal about the fact that 92 percent of his donors are from Kentucky — as if to say that he has the support of the states’ voters. Paul seems to understand that he needs to fight the impression that his national support detracts from his electability in Kentucky. But he estimated that he has received campaign contributions from some 14,000 contributors — and only about 2,200 live in Kentucky.”

2,200 Kentucky contributors for Rand Paul was equal to the total number of contributors for establishment candidate, Trey Grayson, from all states including Kentucky. Small omission there Joe.

With the media, there’s often the case of lies, damn lies, and statistics. [ READ MORE!! ]

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